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Our Story

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We have been married for 27 years and have done missions work for about 16 years to many
different places. We have many good friends who are full-time missionaries. One of the problems for
the missionaries is that when they come stateside for furlough, they especially need restoration and it
can be difficult to find a restful place. The options are limited. There are not enough affordable short-
term homes available, so often they stay in someone’s spare rooms or apartments. It may not be
comfortable for a whole family. It may not provide restoration and then they return to the difficult fieldwork.

Our idea or plan was to look for a home somewhat near our home, buy it, fix it up nice, and
provide it to missionary families. We began to fast and pray for several months all through the fall of
2019. We looked for a home to buy. Then on January 5th, 2020 God spoke very clearly about what He wanted us to do -- and His plans were a lot different and a lot bigger than our plan.

Sunday, Jan 5th during a church service at our home church Cross Church, God spoke to Mike. The
Lord told my husband to build 10 homes over 10 years. The Lord said He would provide people in the
order needed, and we would do this debt-free. The Lord spoke about a caretaker, about other skilled
people who would help us, and spoke other instructions. This is not something that has happened to
either of us in this way before, especially SO crystal clear. I did not realize what had happened, but after
the service, my husband Mike said to me, “I need to talk to you about the mission home”. Then I said “I
need to talk to you too.” Mike told me “You go first.” So, I told him about how God had been telling me
something for a few weeks, during my quiet, prayer times. The Lord told me one mission home was not
enough. The missionary families needed “community”. God had been telling me “mountain and
stream”. I did not know what all this meant. Mike said to me, “I know what it means”.

THEN, he shared this large, God-sized plan God had spoken to him. And that was the start of our journey
to find land (with a small mountain and stream) and to build 10 homes. God has moved faster and in
ways, we could not have imagined, and the Lord has given confirmation upon confirmation. Blessing
upon blessing to His work. It is just too much to write here! But if you want to hear about it and keep up
with what is happening at “Hiding Place Hollow” --please sign up for the newsletters.
We hope you will!


Love in Christ,
Mike and Susan

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